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About 6 years ago I was given the worst advice I’ve ever had from my ever poisonous father. He told me

There is no fairy tale. There is no happy ending. You will eventually just settle for good enough.

I remember when he said it to me. I was trying to leave a relationship I was desperately unhappy in, and it had taken me years to grow the balls to actually take action. For a long time I had treated this person terribly in the hope that he would make the decision for me and do the hard part so I didn’t have to. Then these pearls of wisdom came crashing in from the person I needed to steer me.

I was devastated by the notion that I had no hope of ever being happy. It was like the final nail in the coffin.

Thankfully, shortly after this amazing bit of parenting, I decided that father dearest was an influence in my life that I didn’t need. I cut him off (and in the process also cut off his faithful follower, my sister) and moved away. I met up with a guy I had liked for years.

2 years ago today I married that boy.

So today’s thought are these –
not all advice is good
blood is not thicker than water